About Dr. Wydra

Dr. Wydra is:

  • qualified, with over 29 years of experience
  • approachable and straightforward
  • kind and intelligent
  • a good listener
  • completely present for you

About you

In therapy Dr. Wydra will:

  • help you identify your problems and determine your goals
  • match the kind of therapy with your personality and your needs
  • guide you to a deeper self examination and self understanding
  • teach you tools for resolving your own problems
  • enrich the therapy by giving you assignments to practice skills in the real world.

About the practice

Dr. Wydra's expertise includes:

  • marital therapy
  • communication
  • sex therapy, individual and couple
  • collaborative divorce
  • sexual addictions
  • depression, anxiety, stress
  • self esteem, interactions with others
  • difficult life events
  • general self exploration
  • sexual identity
  • trauma
  • teaching, sexual medicine clinical skills, UBC Medical School
  • assessments for various purposes, including the Indian Residential School Independent Assessment Process, transgender hormone and surgery assessments, refugee applications, sexual offender assessments

Your first session

During your first session with Dr. Wydra you will have the opportunity to discuss your issues and problems, your hopes and expectations for therapy. This session gives Dr. Wydra an opportunity to determine whether she has the correct expertise to help you, and to give you the opportunity to see whether you feel comfortable to work with her. If so, the course of therapy will be determined together, and the exciting journey of self exploration will begin.