Online Therapy

  • for those who can not, or prefer to not attend in-person sessions
  • as an adjunct to ongoing face-to-face therapy
  • to provide support at times of high need or when away

Please call, email or click the Skype button below to discuss with Dr. Wydra.

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Email Privacy Considerations

In order to ensure that the email exchanges between us are private, please check that your email is encrypted (address bar shows "https://", not "http://). If we are both using gmail and both are encrypted, privacy is almost certainly assured. If your email is encrypted but you are using a different service (e.g., using Hotmail or Yahoo Mail instead of Gmail)", privacy is still highly likely, although there is some uncertainty regarding the transfer of information from server to server.

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Sex addiction is a complicated problem that can have a very negative effect on your life. If you are looking at internet pornography, visiting chat lines, massage parlours, or prostitutes, or having hidden affairs against your own wishes, you may want to seek help.

I have many clients with whom I do therapy regarding sexual addictions in my office. However, it is clear that others find it difficult to come in, for a variety of reasons. I am therefore now offering online therapy for people struggling with sexual addictions.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this option.